our roots

Sometimes you need to just give something a try. A dream of a combination Sweater and Quilt lead to the Swilt. Hard work and determination lead to Season 2 on Shark Tank (NO, we didn't get a deal). Shark Tank lead to being showcased on ABC's The View... so here we are today!

After taking a break, the makers of the Original Swilt are back with Swilt 2.0. The idea original idea of the Swilt still stands; allow someone to wear their quilt and delivery this in a product that does not look clunky or reeks of a 3am As Seen on Tv infomercial.

Swilt 2.0 combines more Swilt wearable configurations to allow for maximum utilization. Wear it. Fold it. Unzip it. Snuggle or run in it. Whatever you do, have fun with it.